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1.      Who can register as an Investor?

         QuicKash shall accept individual and institutional investors. Both types of investors shall undergo a screening process upon

         registration. Personal documents may be requested to serve as proof of identity when we perform verification.


2.      How do I register?


          All registrations shall undergo a screening process before being able to access your account with QuicKash


3.      How does it work for an Investor?



4.      How much can I invest?

         A minimum ticket size of RM100.00 and increment of the same amount is applicable for all investments. Investors are only limited by

         the fund requested amount by Issuers. For Investment Note with Principal Protection element, it shall be capped at an investment limit 

         of RM10,000.00 only. Investment sum will be on the first come first serve basis.


5.      Are my personal information kept private?

         Yes, all information submitted to QuicKash will be confidential. Our platform is PDPA compliant. For more information, please visit our

         Privacy Notice.


6.      What are the fees I have to pay?

         Through QuicKash P2P financing, Investors are subjected to minimal fees. The fees may be viewed as below:


a.      Service Fee

         Service Fee of 1.35% - 1.50% (the rate to be determined by Issuer’s Credit Score Rating) each time the repayment (repayment of

         principal and interest) is made.

         Example: -
         How do I calculate the service fee?

         Investment Amount : RM 10,000.00; Interest p.a. (%) : 10.00; Tenure (Months) : 12; Total Payable Amount : RM 11,000.00
         and Service Fee p.a. (%) : 1.35

         Service Fee deducted for each repayment received:

         =([(Principal+Interest) * 1.35%] )/12

         =(RM 916.667*1.35%)/12

         = RM 1.0313

 b.     Withdrawal Fee

         Withdrawal Fee of RM1.00 inclusive of 0% GST for each successful withdrawal made.


c.      Secondary Market Processing Fee

         Secondary Market Processing Fee (at the rate to be determined by QuicKash) is to be paid upfront by the Investors to QuicKash by way

         of deducting from the net proceeds from the transfer of the Financing to another new Investor.


7.      Where is money located once I transfer to QuicKash?

         QuicKash shall place all monies deposited to QuicKash into a trust account as instructed by the regulator, Securities Commission

         Malaysia. The trust account is held with a trusted bank. All users of QuicKash shall be rest assured of the funds being in the custody

         of the bank.


8.      Are investments made on QuicKash bound by contract?

         Yes, investments made on QuicKash are bound by contract between investors and issuers. Contractual agreements are documents

         digitally and shall be made available to both Issuers and Investors.


9.      What happens to my money when I invest in an Issuer's fund?

         The sum invested shall be locked and pooled towards the fund raised by the respective Issuer. Invested sum shall not be retractable.

         We do advise to only invest once you have confirmed on the investment.


10.    How can I withdraw my money?

         i) You may do so by transferring the collected returns to your registered banking account through our mobile application.


         ii) How long it takes for the money to be transferred to investor's CASA account after perform the withdrawal through QuicKash app?
         - The process will take from 2-3 business days for the money to be transferred to investor's CASA account.

11.    Are there any minimum deposits / top up when setting up my account?

         No, we do not have any minimum deposits requirement to register as QuicKash Investors.


12.    What is the minimum top up amount?

         The minimum amount of top up that can be added into your QuicKash account is different based on the top up method.

          a.      FPX - minimum RM100 for top up via FPX transfer.

          b.      MPay WALET - minimum RM2 for top-up via MPay WALET e-wallet transfer.

          c.      Bank deposit - funds can be deposited via ATM, CDM and/or IBG.
                   The minimum transfer will be based on the banks/CDM/ATM minimum transfer limit.


         However, there is no maximum limit on the amount of funds that you can put into your QuicKash account.


13.    Apart from the sum invested, will I earn interest for the balance sum held with QuicKash?

         Yes, sum held in investment accounts shall be eligible to earn interest conditionally. They are subjected to:

          a.        Minimum deposit RM1,000;

          b.        The interest is calculated on daily basis;

          c.         Interest Rate is subjected to QuicKash's discretion; and 

          d.        The total monthly interest earned will be credited into your QuicKash Wallet by 7th of the next Calendar month.


14.    Risks involved in P2P investments.

          a.       The financing is not collateralised

                     Although the Investment Note issued by QuicKash on behalf of the Issuer for the purpose of fund raising (financing)

                     are generally not backed by any form of collateral, QuicKash do obtained the personal / joint and several guarantee of the

                     Issuer's directors and/or shareholders for all the Investment Notes issued. In addition, QuicKash Investors are

                     strongly advised to consider investing into Investment Note that comes with principal guarantee element for stronger assurance

                     not having to worry of losing the principal investment amount. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, QuicKash already exploring

                     the possibility of offering its asset-backed Investment Noted in the near future.

          b.       Issuer defaulted its repayment

                     QuicKash is fully aware of Investors' risk exposure of not getting their scheduled repayment due to Issuer's missed 

                     repayment or defaulted repayment. To mitigate such risk, QuicKash have enforced a numbers of measures which include 

                     Issuer's scheduled repayment by way of Standing Instruction with its due date set a least 2 days earlier. If Investors have  

                     invested into Investment Notes with principal guarantee element, the fear of losing the entire and any part of the principal 

                     investment amount would be addressed. Accordingly, Investors may diversified their investments by investing into different  

                     Investment Notes of different risk profile (for a little as RM100 per investment) and returns to mitigate potential default risk.

          c.       Investing without a good understanding of the Investment Note

                     Besides providing an easy to understand but concise information presented in the form of Issuer Fact Sheet and Project Brief 

                     for every Investment Note hosted on QuicKash's marketplace, QuicKash has developed an exclusive credit assessment model 

                     which is paired with a reputable Credit Reporting Agency to provide a wholesome risk profiling on all Issuers. This has enabled

                     QuicKash to publish the Issuer's Credit Score, Risk Grading and Probability of Default. The information would be sufficient

                     to assist prospective Investors, even for the not so investment savvy investors to make an investment decision. 

                     QuicKash welcome any prospective investors to engage us via channels available (Hotline: 1700-818-727, 

                     Email: enquiry@quickash.com, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook) for further queries, clarification on doubts or concern in relation

                     to investing in QuicKash's Investment Note.

15.    How long is the investment tenure?

          Investment tenure may vary from one fund to the other. An issuer may engage on a minimum tenure of 1 month or up to a maximum

          of 12 months for the exception of working capital financing. Working capital tenure may be as short as 7 days or 14 days.

16.    What are the details of the Issuer available to me before I invest?

         Prospective Investors shall be furnished with the details of the fund raised which may include the target amount to raise, raised amount,

         credit scoring by QuicKash, financing tenure, rate of return, type of financing, type of business, listing duration, monthly repayment

         amount, investor fee, minimum amount to fund (at 80% of targeted fund) and borrower's credit profile.


17.    What are the benefits of investing?

          a.       Grow your earning potential.

          b.       Diversification of investment portfolio with scheduled returns.

          c.       Contribute to your retirement fund.

          d.       Mobile investment. Portable,pocket friendly.

          e.       Regulated investment platform.

          f.        Competitive rate of return.

          g.       Diversification of risk.

          h.       Small ticket size makes it possible for anyone to invest, even students.


18.    Why my fund is in the Frozen Status after I made the investment?

          The money will be locked or in Frozen after you invested in any investment note / financing. The money will be unlocked under either

          one of the reasons:

          a.      Fund disbursement from the investors to the Issuer once the fund-raising campaign is completed successfully OR

          b.      Not able to raise the fund from investors with minimum 80% fund threshold within the financing period OR

          c.      Issuer's instruction not to proceed with the fund-raising campaign.


19.    How do I know which investment note comes with guaranteed principal protection?

         FYI. Not all the financing / investment notes listed in QuicKash come with guaranteed principal protection.

         So, the easiest way to identify the principal protection investment note by looking at the Investment number that stated

         with "GTD RTN" (for example: WC18XXXXXX001 GTD RTN). You may get to know more when you click and read the content

         of the Investment note.


20.    Please explain more on Investment that offer Principal Guarantee, how will QuicKash repay the investors?

         Principal Guarantee means investor will never lose their principal investment sum even if the Issuer fails to repay.

         The principal of the investors is guaranteed by an appointed corporation. In the event of any default,

         we will return all your unsettled investment principal to your QuicKash account balance by using QuicKash Sinking fund.

         *For more info, kindly refer to QuicKash Investor terms and conditions 7.5 and 7.6.


21.    Does it guarantee the interest amount also?

         No, QuicKash only guaranteed the investor's principal amount.


        a)  All fees and charges listed herein will be subjected to Goods and Services Tax (GST) effective 1 June 2018 at prevailing rate i.e. zero

             percent (0%) unless stated otherwise. Service Tax will not be imposed on the fees and charges listed herein unless there is a change in 

             the applicable law. 

             Note: The GST will not be imposed on the fees for services rendered to ‘non-resident’ investor. ‘Non-resident’  has the 

             meaning assigned to it in Income Tax Act 1967.

        b)   ** Services / Fees  is currently unavailable / not applicable