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1.      What is QuicKash?

         QuicKash Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an approved P2P operator in Malaysia.We provide a service to connect between Issuers and Investors.

         Issuers may find a means of raising funds through QuicKash. On the other hand, prospective Investors may opt to participate in funding

         the Issuers. QuicKash will serve as an alternative for both Issuers and Investors from the traditional financial instruments.


2.      How does QuicKash work?

         QuicKash provides a seamless platform for Issuers to raise funds. Information on the Issuers will then be provided on the platform to

         assist Investors in evaluating potential investments. QuicKash provides an alternative solution for Issuers to raise funds for

         their businesses and also for Investors to generate attractive returns.


3.      Is QuicKash regulated?

         Yes, QuicKash Malaysia Sdn Bhd is one of eleven approved P2P platforms in Malaysia. It is regulated by the Securities Commission

         of Malaysia.


4.      Who can access this platform?

         Only registered users of QuicKash may have access to the information and services provided on this platform.

         To view more information, kindly register or sign in on our mobile app and QuicKash website. You may contact us at

         1700-818-P2P (727) or email us via enquiry@quickash.com for further enquiries.


5.      How do I become a registered user of QuicKash?


6.      Will my information be safe on this platform?

          Yes, QuicKash is PDPA compliant. However, there are steps that can be taken by users to ensure any sensitive information is kept



          Beware of Phishing.

          Phishing used by fraudsters as a means of retrieving personal information such as username and password by claiming to be from  

          QuicKash. Phishing communication channels may involve emails, letters, text messages or even phone calls.

          How to recognize phishing?

          Any email communication from QuicKash will always come from an email address with “@quickash.com” domain name. Should the

          domain name vary in anyway, it may indicate that the email originated from a fraudster and not QuicKash.


          What are the official communication channels of QuicKash?

          The official communication channel of QuicKash is via email, specifically an email address with “@quickash.com” domain name,

           i.e. enquiry@quickash.com. We will never ask you to divulge any of your personal information, including your username and

           password, whether via SMS, phone calls or email.


          What should you do if you suspect phishing?

          If you suspect a potential phishing email or you have been a victim of phishing, please contact our Customer Service representatives 

          at enquiry@quickash.com or you may also reach us at 1700-818-P2P (727).