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Company Profile

QUICKASH MALAYSIA aims to bring businesses and investors together in a vibrant, innovative marketplace for peer-to-peer financing. Leveraging on MPAY's deep understanding of the fintech industry, our marketplace is geared to allow SMEs faster access to lower cost financing and give investors direct access to alternative asset classes that can generate higher returns, in an environment where risks are shared. Effectively, we are revolutionising the way businesses access credit and transforming the way investors invest.

The QuicKash team is dedicated to bringing a smarter finance solution to the business owners and investors in Malaysia. To make it even more convenient for investors and businesses, our platform comes with a mobile application that allows you to access your investment portfolio from anywhere! Our mission is to build mutually beneficial partnerships and ultimately contribute towards a more robust economic growth for the country and its people.

(QuicKash Malaysia, a unit of ManagePay Systems Bhd, was approved as a registered Recognised Market Operator for peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to widen funding avenues for businesses on 3 November 2016)